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Loving the Life You Have by Pamela Aloia

on July 2, 2012

Loving the Life you Have

Creating wonderful conscious moments can be challenging especially when we are living experiences we would rather not be experiencing. 

We may dislike our work environment, or relationship, family dynamic, etc. to the point we feel trapped and cannot see where to go next. 

The important thing to do in these situations is to make the time to determine what it is we want to create in our lives. Many of us are running all day from one task to the next, that we literally drag ourselves to bed at night, and we are asleep before our head evening touches the pillow.

Sometimes talking with a trusted family member or friend is very helpful, although they may not always bring with them the objectivity and support needed. Working with yourself through deep reflection and meditation perhaps via journaling, walking, etc. can be helpful. 

Finding a life coach as well can speed up the process – providing objectivity and accountability to reach your goals swiftly.

Each moment we experience in the now, we must find the jewel in the situation – it could be a skill we are learning, a person we’ve met, where the situation is driving us or guiding us, etc. There is always a reason to love something about where we are at this moment.

Find the love today and the belief and hope to bring in a brighter future will prevail.


– Pamela Aloia

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