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Closing in on Clarity by Pamela Aloia

on July 16, 2012

Closing in on Clarity

“Why am I carrying this extra energy?”  This is a question we can ask ourselves when you feel lethargic, overwhelmed, or distracted and unfocused. When we are lacking clarity it’s usually because we’ve allowed some other energy to block that clarity. We may be holding energy that is either not ours, or potentially is our own self-sabotaging mechanism. What energy patterns of behavior are programmed reactions rather than mindful responses? What energy do they each carry with them?

Sometimes we allow our emotions to get the best of us, weighing us down or distracting ourselves from focusing on  being clear.  We may rush from one task to another not allowing ourselves the time to be our best. After all, we do enjoy many of our activities and make time to experience them.

However, when we do stop rushing and start taking time to remove that excess energy, we find that our days are much more pleasurable and smooth. The physical, emotional, and mental heaviness are lifted.

At the same time, carrying the extra energetic weight provides a lot of opportunity for growth. There is a certain amount of acceptance, forgiveness, and allowing we can learn through feeling our confusion and working through to clarity. The bottom line is that we want to feel good – we want to feel great!  We know that to feel great we need to let go of all the thick energy that we may have accumulated into our fields.

We deserve to feel great all the time! This is our incentive to slow down and work through our discord, discomfort, and distraction.

We deserve to feel great – we are worth it!  We are capable of creating a perfect balance of flow in our lives.


– Pamela Aloia
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Check out her book “52 Pick Me Upfor weekly doses of inspiration.


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