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Uncovering Untruths by Pamela Aloia

on July 23, 2012

Uncovering Untruths

From the moment many of us wake up to the moment we lay our heads on the pillow for rest – have we ever considered the untruths we may have told that day? Perhaps we told our spouse that the shirt we just bought was only $30 when it was really $70.  Or maybe we told our friend that we had to work late and couldn’t go out when that was far from the case. While noticing when and understanding why we tell these untruths is important, let’s focus for a moment on the untruths that we may be telling ourselves.

These untruths say we must buy this or that product, house, phone or car to be considered acceptable. Or even the consideration that someone else’s opinion is more important than our own. Or the reaction of acting the opposite of what we feel as being appropriate. The potential untruth of going to work everyday void of any passion for the tasks or people there, and telling ourselves we must do this to survive, while all the while we’re killing ourselves slowly inside.

Are we finding ourselves letting little things slip from our minds and mouths that further hide how we truly feel?

This week, before resting for the day, it may be helpful to take a few moments and recall if we told any untruths – to others or ourselves. What feelings arose that made it necessary to speak untruthfully?

Working on self discovery helps us understand how we work and helps us identify the beliefs we have formed – whether by our own doing or by external factors. Once we know what these beliefs are we can choose to keep them, alter them, or discard them – hopefully growing closer to our truth in the meantime.

   – Pamela Aloia
More on Pamela can be found at
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