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Walking Our Truth by Pamela Aloia

on July 30, 2012

Walking Our Path

Once we know what our beliefs are that we’d like to change or discard, we can begin taking action in doing so. There are lots of uncomfortable moments we have in our lives because we don’t agree with what the masses are doing yet fear the social consequences of not following along. If you feel this is happening to you, it’s time  to take a stand and be the truth – live our truth.

By keeping our own integrity throughout our day, we are able to sleep better at night and grow more comfortable with who we are. The more we know about ourselves and accept about ourselves, others will too.

So this week, before you lie to rest for the day, recall the times you stood in your truth, whether it was by saying nothing or changing a behavior or thought process. Whatever brought you to walking your own path remember to acknowledge yourself experiencing the joy and gratitude of being who you are.

Celebrate and honor you!


 – Pamela Aloia

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Check out Pamela’s book “52 Pick Me Up


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