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Chakra States by Pamela Aloia

on August 20, 2012

Chakra States

By working with individuals and groups through my energy center, Sol Angel, one of the things we focus on during sessions, classes, and meditations is balancing our chakras. As many of us know, our chakras are wheels of energy that keep our bodies, minds, and spirits in balance.

Our chakras are fluid – just as our physical body moves, our emotions flow, and our thoughts race and slow down. Depending upon our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states, our chakras will react accordingly – their openness differing, speed of spinning, where they face, etc. can all change with a simple thought or deep-seated emotion.

For example, if someone starts berating us for not doing a good job or messing up a project, our solar plexus chakra may typically respond in some fashion.  It might spin in a different direction, not spin at all, be partially open or closed, etc.

However if someone who loves us pays us a compliment or simply smiles or gives you a hug – your heart chakra is bound to respond by finding alignment, opening up, rounding out, etc.

We may have been in energy sessions or readings were someone tells us that our chakras are opened or closed, or facing to the side, or not spinning.  And that may very well be true.  However, while it may have been true at that moment, it does not mean they will stay the way.

Our chakras can be affected by our physical environment, our positive or negative thoughts, and many other factors. Knowing that our chakras are constantly in flux can help us understand how to better work with them for positive results.  We can also work to clear our chakras, or notice them and visualize them existing in the most pristine of fashion, so they can positively affect our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states as well. The relationship is bi-directional.

That is why chakra balancing meditations are so successful. We are able to adjust the chakras, and work through any energetic “stuff” that may be keeping them from functioning at their topmost level.

If for some reason, our chakras are staying in a specific state for an extended period of time, it may be helpful to have some energy work done (by yourself or a trusted energy practitioner) to clear whatever may be congesting that particular chakra.

Our next blog post on Chakras will be about clearing the chakras.

– Pamela Aloia
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