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Remember To Be Kind by Pamela Aloia

on October 18, 2012

Remember to be kind.

In the midst of our hurried or focused moments, allow kindness to prevail.

Saw something posted on Facebook the other week that said “It’s better to be kind than to be right.”  Consider that for a moment. 

Reflect upon the kindness you share with your coworkers, your spouse/significant other, your kids, pets, strangers in the store, “crazy” drivers on the road, person sitting next to you on the plane, etc. 

Sometimes showing kindness takes some work to filter through the frustration or anger or disappointment we’re feeling.  Taking that time to filter is well worth it for we may never know how well placed the timing is for that kind moment.

Show kindness to yourself and others.  The world needs kindness so much more than meeting deadlines, or pressuring ourselves or kin to excel. 

Please – be kind.  🙂

– Pamela Aloia

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