Infinite Possibilities

"opening doorways to your soul"

About Us

Asahikan Aikido (a.k.a. Asahi Schools of Aikido Asahikan Dojo) focuses on working with practitioners to obtain the tools needed to function as a true martial artist, on and off the mat. We explore both the martial and the art sides of training for the mind, body and spirit.

Asahi is the Japanese word for the morning rising sun.  We believe that each day holds new lessons, new challenges, new encounters and new paths to follow – making our learning endless.

Asahikan Dojo offers day, evening and weekend classes for men, women, youth and children.  Please see our current schedule. We publish a monthly message & newsletter – Aikido Now, offer DVDs, workshops and conduct events regularly. Together we learn – together we grow.
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Sol Angel an inspirational energy center – works to assist others in healing themselves.  Any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual stress or disease can be addressed energetically, possibly discussed and altered as a result.  More information can be found at

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