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Remember To Be Kind by Pamela Aloia

Remember to be kind.

In the midst of our hurried or focused moments, allow kindness to prevail.

Saw something posted on Facebook the other week that said “It’s better to be kind than to be right.”  Consider that for a moment. 

Reflect upon the kindness you share with your coworkers, your spouse/significant other, your kids, pets, strangers in the store, “crazy” drivers on the road, person sitting next to you on the plane, etc. 

Sometimes showing kindness takes some work to filter through the frustration or anger or disappointment we’re feeling.  Taking that time to filter is well worth it for we may never know how well placed the timing is for that kind moment.

Show kindness to yourself and others.  The world needs kindness so much more than meeting deadlines, or pressuring ourselves or kin to excel. 

Please – be kind.  🙂

– Pamela Aloia

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Clearing Chakras by Pamela Aloia

Clearing Chakras

People often ask how to clear our chakras. While there are many ways to do so, and I offer a class surrounding that very topic, I will touch upon a two common ways to do so. 

First and foremost – doing something you love opens and clears our energy centers.  Nothing beats clearing the chakras than finding yourself in the moment, either working at something or not, when you attain a state where your mind is clear and your emotions are even and calm, and your body is relaxed.  Walking can do this for some people, listening to a certain type of music, gardening, etc.  The activities and non-activities that enable us to reach the place where absolute clarity and calm exist together, are wonderful ways to clear the chakras.

Another way is to focus on them through a form of meditation. With practice, anyone can feel or see or know what their chakras are doing. There are lots of wonderful chakra meditations and chakra sound/toning CDs to help nurture our wheels of energy. Listening to these pieces will help us become more aware of our chakra health and how to ease them into perfect alignment and existence – especially when we’re going through life challenges.

Working every day on your own chakras brings greater awareness of and all individual energy sessions involve chakra work as well.  Energy and chakra work can be done in person or remotely.

– Pamela Aloia

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Chakra States by Pamela Aloia

Chakra States

By working with individuals and groups through my energy center, Sol Angel, one of the things we focus on during sessions, classes, and meditations is balancing our chakras. As many of us know, our chakras are wheels of energy that keep our bodies, minds, and spirits in balance.

Our chakras are fluid – just as our physical body moves, our emotions flow, and our thoughts race and slow down. Depending upon our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states, our chakras will react accordingly – their openness differing, speed of spinning, where they face, etc. can all change with a simple thought or deep-seated emotion.

For example, if someone starts berating us for not doing a good job or messing up a project, our solar plexus chakra may typically respond in some fashion.  It might spin in a different direction, not spin at all, be partially open or closed, etc.

However if someone who loves us pays us a compliment or simply smiles or gives you a hug – your heart chakra is bound to respond by finding alignment, opening up, rounding out, etc.

We may have been in energy sessions or readings were someone tells us that our chakras are opened or closed, or facing to the side, or not spinning.  And that may very well be true.  However, while it may have been true at that moment, it does not mean they will stay the way.

Our chakras can be affected by our physical environment, our positive or negative thoughts, and many other factors. Knowing that our chakras are constantly in flux can help us understand how to better work with them for positive results.  We can also work to clear our chakras, or notice them and visualize them existing in the most pristine of fashion, so they can positively affect our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states as well. The relationship is bi-directional.

That is why chakra balancing meditations are so successful. We are able to adjust the chakras, and work through any energetic “stuff” that may be keeping them from functioning at their topmost level.

If for some reason, our chakras are staying in a specific state for an extended period of time, it may be helpful to have some energy work done (by yourself or a trusted energy practitioner) to clear whatever may be congesting that particular chakra.

Our next blog post on Chakras will be about clearing the chakras.

– Pamela Aloia
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Chakra Basics by Pamela Aloia

Chakra Basics

Chakras are wheels of energy that help regulate the energy flow of our body.  Similar to the meridians in our body, chakras can become blocked by various factors that prevent them from functioning optimally. Our body is full of chakras – we have main chakras and many, many minor chakras.  For the point of brevity I will focus on the seven main chakras that are commonly discussed. The below indicates the physical location of the chakra.


Third Eye 



Solar Plexus



Each chakra is associated with various physical and emotional aspects. There is plenty of corresponding information on the internet with regard to what each chakra represents and affects, so I will refrain from explaining that here.

The chakras are designed to be positioned in our centerline, along the spine for ease of reference.  The crown chakra is facing up above our head and the root chakra faces down to the ground.  All the other main chakras have two cone-shaped spirals of energy – one facing and extending out the front of the body, and the other extending out the back of our body. The smallest part of the cones of these chakras meets at the spine.

Healthy chakras are open and spin clockwise.  (The ones in the back also spin clockwise.) The “face” of the chakra should be parallel to the body and spinning at a decent rate. This rate will be different for everyone.  Each chakra may spin at different rates. Chakra size should be comparable to each other.

Some minor chakras worth mentioning are the navel chakra and the high heart chakra.  The navel chakra is positioned between the sacral and the solar plexus chakras; the high heart or thymus chakra is positioned in between the heart and the throat chakra. Minor chakras exist at the body joints as well.

If you want to learn more about your chakra and their health, a great way to start is working with chakra meditations. Regular practice of these meditations and other methods, help us become more sensitive to the our chakras’ energies.

Stay tuned for the next blog post on chakra states.

– Pamela Aloia

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Walking Our Truth by Pamela Aloia

Walking Our Path

Once we know what our beliefs are that we’d like to change or discard, we can begin taking action in doing so. There are lots of uncomfortable moments we have in our lives because we don’t agree with what the masses are doing yet fear the social consequences of not following along. If you feel this is happening to you, it’s time  to take a stand and be the truth – live our truth.

By keeping our own integrity throughout our day, we are able to sleep better at night and grow more comfortable with who we are. The more we know about ourselves and accept about ourselves, others will too.

So this week, before you lie to rest for the day, recall the times you stood in your truth, whether it was by saying nothing or changing a behavior or thought process. Whatever brought you to walking your own path remember to acknowledge yourself experiencing the joy and gratitude of being who you are.

Celebrate and honor you!


 – Pamela Aloia

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Uncovering Untruths by Pamela Aloia

Uncovering Untruths

From the moment many of us wake up to the moment we lay our heads on the pillow for rest – have we ever considered the untruths we may have told that day? Perhaps we told our spouse that the shirt we just bought was only $30 when it was really $70.  Or maybe we told our friend that we had to work late and couldn’t go out when that was far from the case. While noticing when and understanding why we tell these untruths is important, let’s focus for a moment on the untruths that we may be telling ourselves.

These untruths say we must buy this or that product, house, phone or car to be considered acceptable. Or even the consideration that someone else’s opinion is more important than our own. Or the reaction of acting the opposite of what we feel as being appropriate. The potential untruth of going to work everyday void of any passion for the tasks or people there, and telling ourselves we must do this to survive, while all the while we’re killing ourselves slowly inside.

Are we finding ourselves letting little things slip from our minds and mouths that further hide how we truly feel?

This week, before resting for the day, it may be helpful to take a few moments and recall if we told any untruths – to others or ourselves. What feelings arose that made it necessary to speak untruthfully?

Working on self discovery helps us understand how we work and helps us identify the beliefs we have formed – whether by our own doing or by external factors. Once we know what these beliefs are we can choose to keep them, alter them, or discard them – hopefully growing closer to our truth in the meantime.

   – Pamela Aloia
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Closing in on Clarity by Pamela Aloia

Closing in on Clarity

“Why am I carrying this extra energy?”  This is a question we can ask ourselves when you feel lethargic, overwhelmed, or distracted and unfocused. When we are lacking clarity it’s usually because we’ve allowed some other energy to block that clarity. We may be holding energy that is either not ours, or potentially is our own self-sabotaging mechanism. What energy patterns of behavior are programmed reactions rather than mindful responses? What energy do they each carry with them?

Sometimes we allow our emotions to get the best of us, weighing us down or distracting ourselves from focusing on  being clear.  We may rush from one task to another not allowing ourselves the time to be our best. After all, we do enjoy many of our activities and make time to experience them.

However, when we do stop rushing and start taking time to remove that excess energy, we find that our days are much more pleasurable and smooth. The physical, emotional, and mental heaviness are lifted.

At the same time, carrying the extra energetic weight provides a lot of opportunity for growth. There is a certain amount of acceptance, forgiveness, and allowing we can learn through feeling our confusion and working through to clarity. The bottom line is that we want to feel good – we want to feel great!  We know that to feel great we need to let go of all the thick energy that we may have accumulated into our fields.

We deserve to feel great all the time! This is our incentive to slow down and work through our discord, discomfort, and distraction.

We deserve to feel great – we are worth it!  We are capable of creating a perfect balance of flow in our lives.


– Pamela Aloia
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Loving the Life You Have by Pamela Aloia

Loving the Life you Have

Creating wonderful conscious moments can be challenging especially when we are living experiences we would rather not be experiencing. 

We may dislike our work environment, or relationship, family dynamic, etc. to the point we feel trapped and cannot see where to go next. 

The important thing to do in these situations is to make the time to determine what it is we want to create in our lives. Many of us are running all day from one task to the next, that we literally drag ourselves to bed at night, and we are asleep before our head evening touches the pillow.

Sometimes talking with a trusted family member or friend is very helpful, although they may not always bring with them the objectivity and support needed. Working with yourself through deep reflection and meditation perhaps via journaling, walking, etc. can be helpful. 

Finding a life coach as well can speed up the process – providing objectivity and accountability to reach your goals swiftly.

Each moment we experience in the now, we must find the jewel in the situation – it could be a skill we are learning, a person we’ve met, where the situation is driving us or guiding us, etc. There is always a reason to love something about where we are at this moment.

Find the love today and the belief and hope to bring in a brighter future will prevail.


– Pamela Aloia

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Conscious Creation by Pamela Aloia

Conscious Creation

Sometimes we create many reasons to not do something we like to do. 

Many of us may be plagued with fears of failure or have already included some extensive expectations of self that we cannot possibly meet. Other times we ask people for input and talk ourselves out of the possibility of meeting their expectations as well. Mainly though, we simply stop making or never create the time for ourselves to do what we want to do.

What thing do you like to do and haven’t in a while?
How can you make time this week or next to fit it into your schedule?
What will it take to give yourself permission to do so?

Remember we create each of our moments consciously and unconsciously. Steadily creating a few wonderful conscious moments for ourselves is a perfect way to create the life we desire.

What wonderful conscious moment can you create today?

Have fun!


– Pamela Aloia
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Spiritual Cravings

Spiritual Cravings

Remember that meditation is something that helps us get in touch with our inner selves – our inner thoughts, and most importantly, our inner feelings. Similar to what our bodies feel drawn to eat, our spirits are drawn to varying forms of meditations. One day our bodies may crave fruits or vegetables, and the next day, we crave protein. Similarly, one day our spirits may benefit from a chakra meditation and another day, a walk in nature.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate – to nurture our souls. Our spirits tell us what is needed to best benefit us in that moment. All we need is to be open and listen.

Take a few moments several times this week to take deep breaths until you feel more centered and open. Ask your mental body to take a 5-10 minute break.  🙂 Then feel what type of nurturing activity or non activity your spirit would like. Enjoy the process, have courage to follow through, and bask in the results!  


– Pamela Aloia

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