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Conscious Creation by Pamela Aloia

Conscious Creation

Sometimes we create many reasons to not do something we like to do. 

Many of us may be plagued with fears of failure or have already included some extensive expectations of self that we cannot possibly meet. Other times we ask people for input and talk ourselves out of the possibility of meeting their expectations as well. Mainly though, we simply stop making or never create the time for ourselves to do what we want to do.

What thing do you like to do and haven’t in a while?
How can you make time this week or next to fit it into your schedule?
What will it take to give yourself permission to do so?

Remember we create each of our moments consciously and unconsciously. Steadily creating a few wonderful conscious moments for ourselves is a perfect way to create the life we desire.

What wonderful conscious moment can you create today?

Have fun!


– Pamela Aloia
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Spiritual Cravings

Spiritual Cravings

Remember that meditation is something that helps us get in touch with our inner selves – our inner thoughts, and most importantly, our inner feelings. Similar to what our bodies feel drawn to eat, our spirits are drawn to varying forms of meditations. One day our bodies may crave fruits or vegetables, and the next day, we crave protein. Similarly, one day our spirits may benefit from a chakra meditation and another day, a walk in nature.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate – to nurture our souls. Our spirits tell us what is needed to best benefit us in that moment. All we need is to be open and listen.

Take a few moments several times this week to take deep breaths until you feel more centered and open. Ask your mental body to take a 5-10 minute break.  🙂 Then feel what type of nurturing activity or non activity your spirit would like. Enjoy the process, have courage to follow through, and bask in the results!  


– Pamela Aloia

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Real and Lasting

Real and Lasting

The founder of Aikido created a system, rooted in ancient ways but primarily based on his own martial experience and even more so heavily influenced by his personal spiritual and religious path.  His connection to those beliefs as well as his connection to the universe is often difficult for both outsiders and practitioners to comprehend fully.  In some regards, we will never truly understand since we did not walk in his geta.  However, the teachings of Aiki are universal and reflect more on the context of self than on the martial aspects.

There is conflict in us all and to deny otherwise is losing touch with ourselves.  True victory is self-victory – masakatsu agatu. To be able to move forward we must accept and embrace all that we are.  Though we are given, lead or shown the “way” does not always mean we will walk it. This is the human condition – this is the challenge we all face. Nevertheless, the path is always there for us to take – it is a matter of choice. We may not feel the same as or understand the Founder’s position, take or beliefs, yet that does not negate our own path and efforts. Consider, however, that our martial path is completely different from his.  His choice of art, style, culture and faith makes what is different the paramount difference. 

Take for example Karate and Aikido. The two arts, though born from the same culture, have completely different philosophies – two different ends of the spectrum.  One is to devastate – a winner and a loser – no equality, where the other is to enhance mutually – no winner or loser – each equal.  Given just this one aspect, coupled with the belief or philosophy of the West in being taught to stand our ground, win at all costs and that there is no one more important than me – then we may have an internal conflict which ultimately seems to find its way to the external.  Aiki poses this challenge to its practitioners.  How do we overcome ways of the mind and ego and permit ways of the spirit to flourish. The defeat of another is ultimately the defeat of one’s self. How do we find the equality in a situation, how do we both mutually benefit? 

Aikido is about strengthening “we” as the individual to enhance the quality of all life – not about winning in a fight. We must be honest with ourselves for it to be effective. Beating someone or hurting another is easy – we don’t need martial arts or budo training for that.  However, to make a real and lasting difference in ourselves and allow that difference to make an impact in another is extraordinary.  There are no competitions or trophies for such accomplishments. Thus, Aikido has no competitions or trophies. It is all personal achievement – often remaining without external praise or reward. 

The achievement is real and lasting and its personal.

 –        Michael Aloia

Michael is the Dojo Cho of the Asahi Schools of Aikido and President of the non-profit organization Aikido United International

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Cycle of Growth

Cycle of Growth

Allowing it to Grow
It starts with a spark of inspiration – an idea or thought.  If deemed appropriate, we firmly plant this thoughtform into our psyche.  While part of us would like instantaneous, ever expansive results, we know this thoughtform needs time to grow and develop.  We allow this thoughtform to germinate – no pressure or timeline applied. As it sprouts, we watch it pass through its many stages.  We guide it and let it unfold on its own course.  We find beauty and newness in each stage, allowing it to grow through its trials and successes, expanding its physical boundaries.

Constant Nourishing
As we allow this thoughtform space and time to grow, we nurture it along the way, best as possible.  We allow it to change course or exterior presentation, accepting it for what it is, realizing it is always in flux.  Through our consistent attention, feeding, and watering of positive thoughts and excitement surrounding the thoughtform, we constantly nourish its growth process.

Persistent Flow
Through appropriate allowing and nourishing we enable the thoughtform to expand and plateau on its own.  The periods of expansion and exposure allow it to spread its roots into other people’s psyche.  Its subtle plateaus allow it time to integrate and grow into its newfound space and freedom. 

Whispers in the Wind
The thoughtform experiences many iterations of ebbs and flows, growth spurts and plateaus.  We no longer hearken in vigilance of the process.  We are now one with the polarities; we are the ever-expanding thoughtform, and it is us.  We coexist, in complete harmony, and communicate through whispers in the wind. 

Being Aglow
As we reach new heights with our thoughtform and as its expansion continues to extend beyond our physical existence, the ease and light of our thoughtform illuminates us.  We radiate ease and light to those around us – we shine with confidence and heart.  We truly are aglow, sharing our light and experiences with everyone.

 – Pamela Aloia
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What We Make of It

What We Make of It

We all share the same path, yet we will all experience a different journey. This does not make it right or wrong or even less valuable.  Actually, the lessons learned on the path/journey are only truly valuable to the one who experiences them firsthand – the direct, personal contact that takes place. Through those experiences and more so how we choose to embrace them, or not, will not only affect us but also those around us. This is the ripple effect.

We often confuse the word “serve” with “servitude”. Though similar looking and sounding, each have a distinct definition and ideology attached. We are to serve the best interest of others – our fellow man, the community – the world.  But first we must serve the good of ourselves.  This means to do things that enhance us internally – building a better person – enhancing our character, strengthening our spirit, etc. Servitude means to be enslaved to another or thing. This could also denote a winner and loser concept. We are left with nothing else but to follow one way, giving up our own ability to make a real difference. Because of the often confusion of words and their meaning, people will often dismiss the idea of serving others or helping others unless it equates to some return gain to them.  However, the return gain is a better community – mutually finding a way – hence the ripple effect in action.

What Aikido was when it was created and what it has become and ultimately what it means to each of us are not one in the same.  Aikido is what we make of it, what we do for it and what it does for us. The definitive ripple effect in our lives.

– Michael Aloia

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Michael is the School Director of the Asahi Schools of Aikido and President of Aikido United

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Framing Focus

Framing Focus

Crooked pictures on the wall 
what do you reflect?
That when doors slam down the hall
there straightness becomes all wrecked?

Is there something more profound
these pictures hung awry?
As within so without
perhaps I’ll look inside.

What’s askew inside my soul? 
Am I honoring me? 
Am I climbing towards soul goals
or flailing half-heartedly?

Perhaps the frames off kilter
are showing me a way
of temporarily losing my filter
and remembering to play.

Pictures pictures on the wall
what message do you bring ? 
Is there any message at all
with such un-leveling? 

Release the frames of their fault
Let the eyes focus and halt
gazing in upon the fixture
admiring the beautiful picture. 

Inside the frame, an inspiring view, 
that I have come to know;
The glory of perspective anew
the artist chose to show.

Sometimes we try to make something out of nothing; sometimes we make nothing out of something. In either case, we must keep sight of the important things – not just the urgent or personal pet peeves. The key to awareness is discerning what our highest focus is, and deterring distractions from blocking our paths. 

Wishing you lightheartedness and grace in all your days!

– Pamela Aloia

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When some things don’t go our way
Or we run out of nice things to say
We’ve reached the end of our rope
And abandoned most of our hope
When we can’t wait any longer
We grow weaker rather than stronger
Our situation is way out of line
That’s when we call in Patience – it’s time.

We fight her, though, put her behind bars
We don’t always let her in while
Entertaining our internal wars.

Yet she waits with calm and grace
Watching the look on our face
Wondering how much we’ll withstand
Before we ask or even command
Her presence in our day
To sweep the heavy emotion away
And allow the calm to return
Cease all anger and its burn
Pry open our heart and mind
Realizing we’re only in a bind
Because we believe we are.

When we ask her for help
When our whimpering becomes a yelp
Swiftly and effortlessly – Patience is here
Washing away our frustration and fear
Letting us know the importance of time
How it sets things up in a straight line
Although we may not always see.

So we bring Patience in
We take her inside
We let her clear up acne
Of the impatient kind.
We learn to walk with her
And set the intention
That when we need it
She is our intervention.

         – Pamela Aloia

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Love truly begins with ourselves.  The more we love ourselves for who we are the easier it is to let others’ love for us flow into our hearts.  When we’re able to share our own love, we feel compelled to love others – creating a contagious flow of love. We know that who we are and what we focus on is what we attract. Being and sharing love brings more love into our lives.  As we realize and grow into this ideal, love shows up in our lives in a myriad of ways and amounts. This newly received love fuels the already heightened self-love and creates a beautiful cycle of love. We can draw upon this cycle of love when we are feeling love and also when we may feel less than love.  

We all have heard “what goes around comes around”.  We can make a choice to fill our thoughts and days with love so we experience more love altogether.


– Pamela Aloia

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Martial Zen

Martial Zen

Martial spirit is basically the “warrior within” each of us.  Martial zen would then be the practice or training to hone those inner skills of the spirit creating a better individual.  However, one does not have to practice martial arts or a fighting system to practice martial zen for the spirit.  Whatever path someone chooses to follow, martial zen can be achieved – a chef, business owner, priest, musician, parent, etc… 

Martial is defined as being warrior-like or suited for war, relating to soldiers or military.

For those in the Arts, martial has come to mean a discipline – not one imposed by others but one imposed by self. Thus, the study of self.  We are always at war, so to speak, with ourselves – defining right from wrong,

However, in our own personal reality, martial is whatever you want or make it to be.  It is an individual thing – an individual path we each seek to travel, explore and discover. Who is really to say different? To say that “this is martial” or that “this is not” is judgmental and limited. Martial is more of a belief system. “Martial” was developed to deal with an issue at hand, thus, the many styles and approaches – almost a particular reaction for a particular action. This is why we see such diversity.  And that diversity can be embraced and learned from by experience rather than what often happens where we question and condemn.

Budo is a martial way, thus, is a disciplined way of life. How we choose to discipline our lives is our decision.

Find your way…

– Michael Aloia
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Breaking Out of the Norm

Breaking out of the Norm

Many of us have been brought up believing that being normal was what we must strive for – even finding that we would work at it unconsciously.  Perhaps our parents wanted us to fit in for our own well-being or eventually, somewhere along the line, we bought into that need as well. Regardless the reason, we soon policed ourselves when it came to judging normal and not so normal behavior, conversation, interests, etc. Maybe somewhere, along with nurturing the judgment and attachment to being what is believed to be normal and judging normalcy by those standards, we also may have manifested a fear of not being normal.  This fear can be about missing out on something, being left out or behind, and ultimately of being alone or isolated, with all the potential insecurities that accompany it.  

Frequently, we will hear talk about there not really being any such thing as being normal or having a normal family.  Yet, each of us still have some stipulations around acceptable and unacceptable social and family behavior – which explains why people struggle with doing or being something others may judge as not normal.   On some level, the judgments will always be there – it’s how we perceive ourselves that makes the difference.  It’s important then, to take responsibility for our own judgments and be willing to change and eventually let go of all those judgments. In doing so, we give ourselves and others permission to try new or different things and ways of being.  The outcome in such situations becomes an unknown simply because it’s new territory – it may be very rewarding or one that can be an extraordinary learning experience.

What we can learn is that sometimes stepping out of our normal judgment standards can provide tremendous growth that we may have missed had we stuck within our regular normalcy boundaries.  Many of us will limit our experiences based on our normalcy judgments, placing human doing before our idea of human being.  Many of our hearts’ desires lie dormant because of fear of self or others judgments when stepping out of a perceived norm. 

Look inside the heart; see where we may be able to break out of the norm today.  Small steps get us moving forward. Be aware of judgments of ourselves or others that we can let go of – or at the very least re-evaluate. Even the seemingly tiniest of intention to break from the norm can provide a refreshing, free feeling – which may just be the start of creating a dream.

 – Pamela Aloia
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